Care Tips – Melie C. Jewelry Studio

Care Tips

In order to maintain your jewelry as new for longer, we recommend:

  • Store away your jewelry in a cool and dry place, inside our Melie C. Jewelry studio pouch or a jewelry box.
  • Extreme humidity or heat might cause your jewelry to tarnish and loose their color. It is advised to remove your jewelry before taking a shower, or entering the sea or a pool. Salt and chlorine can permanently damage or discolour them.
  • Contact with chemicals present in perfumes, hair-spray, make-up, nail polish removers, body lotions, sun tan lotions and deodorant must be avoided.
  • Please remove your jewelry before any intense physical activity. You might harm yourself and damage your jewelry by accidentally putting too much pressure on them. Contact with hard surfaces while wearing your jewelry might leave bumps and scratches and make the plating wear away faster.

Remember: Your jewelry are the last thing you put on to complete your outfit and the first thing you take off at the end of your day.

  • When your jewelry have become dull or tarnished, gently wipe with a jewelry polishing cloth or toothbrush and gentle soap and water. Prefer a soft cloth for drying your jewelry, as paper towels and tissues can leave marks on their surface. Any jewelry that comes with an oxidized or stone element must stay away from harsh chemical cleaning solutions or ultrasonic cleaners. When your plating has totally faded away you can contact us and we will arrange a freshen up for you at a small cost.