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Materials & Care

All of our jewelry are handcrafted with love by a few selected people that make our production team. By purchasing a Melie C. Jewelry Studio piece, you support a dream and a vision that is coming to life by using high quality materials that are hypoallergenic, nickel, cadmium & lead free.

925 Sterling Silver

With 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper, the Sterling Silver alloy is one the most preferred alloys for jewelry making, since Antiquity. By adding copper to the silver we increase its hardness and strength since on its own silver is quite soft and prone to scratching. It is totally normal for Sterling Silver jewelry to tarnish eventually as they come in contact with air and various other elements. We opt for sterling silver plating, gold plating, or oxidized with patina finish in our Sterling Silver jewelry in order to prevent tarnishing and keep them shiny for longer. Check each jewelry description to see the exact details.


Plating is the process by which the base metal (the metal used to create the jewelry) is dipped into a bath of electroplating solution along with the metal of choice (Silver or Gold). A thin coat of the metal stated is created upon the base metal’s surface and it ensures your jewelry will stay shiny and bright for longer. It is normal for the color of plated jewelry to eventually fade away and them to return to their original state. Sometimes when our natural body PH is more acidic, it can cause Plating to fade faster.

We will make sure that you will receive your jewelry in pristine condition, and by taking care of them, you can keep them beautiful for longer. Check our Care Tips for more info.

Oxidized 925 Sterling Silver

Oxidized Sterling Silver occurs when we add a patina layer to the surface of our Sterling Silver jewelry, that causes it to oxidize and take a beautiful vintage look. It is mostly preferred in textured jewelry to accentuate and bring all the details to the surface. Check each jewelry description to see the exact details.


We use natural raw and cabochon stones that give your jewelry beautiful colors and magical properties. Natural stones are not lab-created so please allow small differences in sheen, color, and inclusions. The shape of a raw stone cannot be exactly reproduced and that is what makes your jewelry unique and one of a kind. Please don’t forget to treat your stone jewelry with care:

  • Avoid harsh or abrasive chemicals and intense physical activity while wearing them.
  • Clean your jewelry piece with a jewelry polishing cloth or toothbrush and gentle soap and room temperature water.

Store them away when you are not wearing them.