Our Story – Melie C. Jewelry Studio

Our Story


  • Have you ever felt the need to surround yourself with people and things that push you towards your fullest potential?
  • Are you in search of unique and timeless handmade jewelry to match your distinctive style and that will make you stand out?
  • Do you prefer quality over quantity?

If you said YES to these questions, ITS A MATCH!

Hello little dreamer,

I am Melina or as friends call me, Melie, and I am the designer and metalsmith behind the Melie C. Jewelry Studio. Since I was a little kid, I found myself mesmerized by anything glittering and magical. I will never forget the first time that I saw my mother’s jewelry box. As I played and touched all the beautiful crystals, it felt like I was entering a different world. While I was growing up, I was searching for different ways that I can carry this magic whenever I go and this is how I found myself in the magical world of handmade jewelry.  It always fascinates me to experiment with different crystals, textures, and designs in order to create something unique and one of a kind.

Our dream in Melie C. Jewelry Studio is to create quality jewelry that act as lucky amulets and as a source of inspiration, full of magic, that you can carry along with you through your day, reminding you of your power and true essence. We are celebrating your uniqueness and we aspire to help you channel your true nature and individuality through our ethereal and unexpected creations.


Made from my heart to yours,




Beautifully made, quick shipping and matches perfectly. (OUROBOROS RING)