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Ring Sizing

We follow the USA Ring Size Chart but it is very easy for you to find your own ring size using the chart below. You can measure your ring size by the Internal Diameter of the ring or the Circumference of your finger:

Measuring the Internal Diameter of an existing ring:

  • You can take one of your existing rings and use it as a guide by measuring its inside diameter, provided that the shank of the ring is a perfect circle. Proceed to comparing the diameter with the International Ring Size Chart.

Measuring the Circumference of your finger:

  • Before measuring make sure that your finger is at a normal body temperature, as fingers can shrink or expand when exposed to cold or warm weather conditions. If your knuckles are larger than your finger’s base, you can request the making of your ring to be adjustable(depending the design) or take two different measurements and choose the ring size in between as you want your ring to fit over your knuckle but not be too loose that it will fall off your finger.
  • Wrap a narrow strip of paper or piece of string comfortably around your intended finger.
  • Mark where the two ends meet on your finger and measure the distance. Keep in mind that you need to take off your ring so you don’t want the strip or string to be really tight or too loose. This is the circumference of your finger and it will be really helpful when finding your size.
  • Match the circumference with your ring size by comparing it to the International Ring Size Chart.
  • You can also leave us a note along with your order the circumference of your finger and we will take it from there.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us [email protected]

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